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School Bus

• What is school bus camera system?

SBS ( School Bus Camera System ) is a safety monitoring, tracking & security system especially for school bus. School bus is a special vehicle that use for shuttle kids. Our SBS gives a best guarantee for kids, parents and school once the student step out of his home to school.

• Why you should choose this school bus camera system?

Most of the school buses are one bus with one driver only. So the driver is difficult to take care everything on the way to pick up the kids. There may even lock some one inside the school bus sometimes when nobody notice. Moreover, with this school bus camera system, the school also could manage the bus surveillance and tracking easily. As kids are not only a special social group but also the important part of the future, there requires a comprehensive monitoring management for school bus. It is the needs for kids, for school, for parents and more over for government or the whole society as well.

• What does school bus camera system consist of?

Exterior Camera System
Exterior Camera System offer the safety security for driving and parking. All cameras can be triggered by different ignition signals. Driver could see the front, left, right and rear easily. Moreover, the Exterior Camera System could be used for monitoring when parking which would prevent the bully or kidnapping accidents to some extent.
Interior Camera System
There could be installed up to 4 cameras inside the bus for monitoring and recording. The Interior Camera System could not only for monitoring the daily performance of the driver but also could prevent the bullying which may occur among the students. Furthermore, the Interior Camera System could help to check carefully whether all people has safely left the bus as there may sometimes someone to be locked inside the bus without notice.
DVR Recording System
a. Local monitoring recording video files for school bus;
b. Recording function could help to supervise and gauge the driver;
c. DVR recording could clearly for monitoring well how to pick up and set down the students.
GPS Tracking on Video Records
a. Help people to plan the route in advanced;
b. Playback for checking the bus tracking;
c. Recording and for history checking of the school bus when to start and when to stop.
Collision and Emergency Alerts Recording
Our school bus camera system could keep recording for an extended period even though the power off suddenly happen. This special function could be used for some accidents which may cut the power for the bus. Our school bus camera system could still to record the most crucial and valuable evidence materials when under extreme case break out.

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