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• What is Forklift/Truck Camera System?

FTCS (Forklift Truck Camera System) is special designed for Forklift Truck Operators, Although an experienced forklift truck operator can manoeuvre pallets and other packages into every available space, his view of the fork position will also limit how quickly and effectively the driver can work, With FTCS, the operators will be able to work more quickly, safely and efficiently straight away, as they will have a clear view of what they are doing.

• Why you should choose this forklift / truck camera system?

Wireless Charging.
Magnet Installation
Wireless Transmission
Prevents accident when loading goods.
We offers complete camera solution for forklift and other loading machine, to help forklift truck reversing and operating, the whole forklift camera system including backup camera ,monitor and cables. Backup forklift camera and monitor can be connected by wireless technology or cables. With our forklift camera solution,forklift driver can see the front and side blind spots and make the load more accurately.

• What does forklift / truck camera system consist of?

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver
Due to the limitation of wired system, we designed special wireless system for forklft, with a wireless transmitter & a wireless receiver, there will be no other cables between the camera and monitor.
Battery Box Supply Power
Since the cameras mounted on the forklift are difficult to get power, there will be two types of batteries optional for the forklift cameras.
Magnet Installation
The FTCS with magnet installation, no need screws to install the camera and boxes, there will be no damage to the forklift.
Support more cameras input
System support max 4 cameras input, make sure everywhere surrounding the forklift can be viewd by driver.
Camera perfect compatible with the forklift
Camera is special designed to be compatible with the forklift, can provide perfect view when carrying goods.

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