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360 Surround Camera

• What is 360/3D surround view monitoring system?

360°Surround View System eliminates the blind spot for safe & easy parking experiences. 4-camera real time viewing outputs brings the viewing experiences to a higher level. In case of an accident, the DVR records and keep evidences of how it happened and when it happened.

• Why you should choose this 360/3D surround view monitoring system?

With 4 cameras surrounding the vehicle, can record the images around the vehicle at any time. It will help the driver to know clearly about the status around the vehicle, it will also help to keep evidence when accident happened which will safeguard the legitimate rights of the driver.
It will help new drivers to drive on a congested road and parking the vehicle. And the accident will be totally decreased. When accident happened, it will be also totally recorded by the camera.

• Features of 360/3D surround view monitoring camera system

Four 180 degrees ultra wide fish-eye cameras
Seamless video merging based on dual core ARM CPU and hardware high efficiency acceleration engine.
Arbitrary and dynamic 3D mode view angle switching for better surrounding environment observation
Independent Fish-eye calibration parameter and algorithm for each camera.
Pixel statistic engine for brightness balance among four channels real-time outside cameras.
3D video de-interlacing and noise reduction technology for CVBS signal decoding.
Support alternative recording media for TF card and USB disk
The simplest calibration steps with calibration tape and packing box, and system applicable for almost all types of vehicle which including Buses, Trucks, Lorries, Limousines, Tank and even Jumbo Jets. Typical length of the vehicle is 5.5m, 6.5m.
Smart power managements to save automobile’s battery
High video recording resolution up to 1080p
OEM quality for main chipset with well protected circuit and devices in order to achieve the best system performance and stability.

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