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Parking Sensor System

• What is Parking Sensor System?

PSS (Parking Sensor System) is a complete system for parking safety. Its sensors mount on the rear bumper of a vehicle and it comes with a small console that’s placed in the front of the vehicle. The console reminds or displays the distance you have behind your car and has a speaker which beeps the closer you get to an obstacle behind you. The audio pulse intensity increases and the audio frequency changes as the vehicle backs closer to the obstacle. The system is perfect for assisting in parking especially for truck.

• Why you should choose this parking sensor system?

Compatible with camera system.
Alerts before Collision.
Super-Wide Detective Angle Prevents
Side Impale
Anti-False Installation Technology

• Features of parking sensor system?

Compatible with camera system
PSS (parking sensor system) is compatible with rear view camera system, the distance & the camera picture image will be showed on the monitor at the same time.
Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection Features of parking sensor system?
Parking sensor system inform driver of distance between vehicle and any obstacles, whether moving or stationary. Perfect for road going commercial vehicles regularly operating in confined spaces or manoeuvring at low speeds.
Alarm in Different Stage Sound Features of parking sensor system?
Beep Sound (the Faster, the Closer to Obstacle) Obstacle Detection from 150 cm to 80 mm from the Bumper
Automatically activated by engage reverse gear
Sensors are fixed to the rear of the vehicle,which send and receive ultrasonic radio waves that bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence. There is an internal buzzer that gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object. A continuous tone denotes that you are close to the obstacle.
More sensors & wireless transmission optional
System support max 8 sensors input
System with wireless solution optional, there will be no cables between the sensors and the console.

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