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Brake Light Camera

• What is brake light camera system?

Third brake light cameras are designed to seamlessly integrate with Fiat Ducato, Cargo Van, Iveco Daily, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Ford Transit and other van, brake light camera for a higher standard of vehicle vision safety, if you have a motor home or van and looking for a blind spot detection system to help you keep safe, brake light camera system is a great option.

• Reasons to choose this brake light camera system for your Van?

Keep The Original Van Brake Light Style
Integrated LED brake Lights
IP68 100% Waterproof
With Adjustable Lens
Night vison distance up to 35 ft
Provide Safety Around the Vehicle

• Features of brake light camera system

Original Design, Original Style
No need for new holes or drilling-replaces the original brake light, just need to remove the original brake light to install our brake lights camera, keep the original vehicle lamp style.
170 Degree Super Wide View Angle For the Best View
Most rear view cameras feature a 120 degree view angle, but our brake light camera features a super wide 170 degree viewing angle. A rear view camera’s viewing angle, is a measure of how much of a scenery the lens can capture. Wider angled lenses capture more of the scenery, and are therefore more useful to ensure driving safety. Our brake light camera keeping the images clear and authentic. Superfine focusing, no distortion and no dark angle.
Brake Light Backup Camera System for Vans
Based on your vehicle operation conditions, choose 2 channel 7 inch digital mirror lcd monitor to connect our brake light camera to make up a full set of brake light backup camera systems, each system with excellent night vision and a wide viewing angle for the best view, enhance safety around the vehicle.

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