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Bus Compressor Refrigerator
  • Dual functions of refrigerator and guardrail, little space occupied, the large volume of stored refrigerated
  • Elegant and top design, patented technology, applicable tomedium and large luxurious buses.
  • Automatic adjustable temperature control to reach required temperature, safe and convenient use
  • Elegant display lamp to indicate the operating mode, simple and clear, upper and lower handrails equipped.
  • Human-oriented design, machine body made of steel plate, plastic upper cover, nice appearance and firm body, applicable to various environments
  • Non-fluorine DC eco-friendly compressor with the best refrigeration effect to reach below 0℃, and -10℃reached in case of long-time operation
Working Voltage DC12V/24V
Refrigeration Power 68W
Specifications of Fuse (Refrigeration) 15A
External Dimensions (Length×Width×Height) 766×356×905 (mm)
Volume of Refrigerator 65L
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